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I can’t think of many things I hate more than trying to come up with an online identity or witty title for a profile and such. That’s why I was amazed at my own stroke of brilliance in coming up with the title of this blog.

Ok, Oban isn’t so brilliant. I basically had to think of a handle one day and I happened to be drinking a glass of a single malt scotch called – you guessed it! – Oban. It was a single year bottling from 1989 that I especially enjoyed. Hence the oban89 handle.

No, the brilliant part was thinking about the Pensieve, a device used by Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies to remove thoughts and memories from his brain in order to free up space, yet have them available for review at a later time. I also love it because anyone who knows me knows I can’t spell to save my life. Really, it’s embarrassing! I had to call a friend the other day and ask “how do you spell the past tense of to lead”. He thought I was joking. So the fact that pensieve looks like a misspelling of pensive suits me just fine.

I’ve been wanting to start this for a long time, but always got bogged down in trying to limit to a theme or have a great design. I figured it’s time to just start with the rambling musings, and sort it all later if it ends up meaning anything to anyone but me.

Welcome and enjoy.


Written by oban89

February 20, 2007 at 1:11

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