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While playing around with the nownow beta, I started thinking of some pretty random things. That led me to wonder what strange things others were asking. So, in true nownow addiction fasion (yes, it’s addictive!), I sent in the this question from my cell phone

What’s the strangest question you’ve seen asked on nownow?

…and here’s what a couple of people’s literal two cents worth:

We used to get a bunch of questions about the Turkish Stock Exchange.
There really were almost no resources available online for answering them, but some guy would ask these all the time. I think he did it just to try to stump us. And there was another guy who people started calling “Silly Guy” who would ask some pretty weird questions and sometimes he would make fun of Turkish Stock Guy’s questions. But possibly the weirdest question, which I think was a serious question, was the guy who asked if ground coffee would work better than salt for de-icing roadways. How am I supposed to know? I don’t believe anyone has ever attempted to use coffee to melt ice on roadways, and if they have they certainly didn’t publish their study anywhere online where I could look it up. We got a lot of really weird ones, but I think that one was particularly memorable.
Source: My Opinion

The ones that aren’t really questions.
I’ve seen quite a few, but the strangest was probably the one where the asker was making funny comments (not really questions) about dating, relationships, etc. A couple in particular were “I ran out of penis jokes…” & “Will Andrea ever date again” when we obviously have no idea who Andrea is. I have also wondered about the numerous questions about the turkish stock market. But those were more in the weird-bad and not weird-funny category. I think most of the researches are happy to research just about anything (including stuff that is totally off the wall) so long as it has an answer. Nothing is more frustrating than questions that are beyond our capability (ie: Turkish stock market). Personally, I like all kinds of questions – it breaks up the monotony.
Source: My opinion

It should be noted that you’re not supposed to ask questions about nownow. Their FAQ says they have the right to reject these, but the workers sure didn’t seem to mind!


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February 20, 2007 at 10:41

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