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POBAR – Mail & .mac part 2

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Yes, I know you’re not supposed to have part 2 unless you’ve written part 1, but look, now is not the time to mess with me about something like that. I’m fighting mad with OS X Mail and it’s integration with .mac alias’. It’s part of a recurring theme you’ll be reading about here where Apple completley misses the boat on designing applications that work.

Part one detailed (will detail?) the struggle I had in seting up a single .mac user account that had multiple alias’ to be able to send from each one with the customized name direct from Mail. Mail has a seperate type of account for .mac, so you’d expect it to be the best choice. It is not. I finally got that problem solved, but noticed after I had sent a reply from one of the alias accounts, that it included my full name from the main account. Not following? Too bad, I’ll edit later.

Long and short of it is that alias’ are created to shield your identity from online people you do not know. It completly failed this time. As it turns out, In the compose email window I have the option to pick either one of the devices. Your not saying its in retrograde? Random phrases – much like Mail.

Fix it Apple. Full Stop.


Written by oban89

February 23, 2007 at 22:00

Posted in Apple, Mac, myMac, OS X

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