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I’ve been struggling with the issue of privacy and how it relates to what I want to get out of blogging. I really want to have a way to journalize my unedited thoughts in a way that let’s me go back later and review/think about them. As I started blogging, however, I started liking the idea of publishing for others to read as well. The thing is, I don’t feel that everything from the first option should be in the second. All else aside, I don’t want to edit every post, and I don’t want people going through unedited ones and thinking that my attempt at a note to myself was intended as a way to communicate to others, becasue they would then seem like they were written by someone who has no idea how to communicate.

I just locked down this blog for reading only by me. Eventually, I want a blog that can be read by others, but first I need to get good at blogging and decide how to meet the first objective of writing for myself. I’m going to just write everything here for now in whatever format I feel is right. Some will be a way to develop general thoughts, some snippits of cool things, ideas, features, etc. These may later become more developed / edited entries either here or elsewhere. Also may include attempts at publically relevant articles and such, but won’t worry about pushing them until later.

In the end, I can envision myself having a public blog that does discuss personal thought/ideas or one that is focused on giving informatoin on a specific topic. I need to have a forum where I can write everyting, however, before I can go to the next step.

Random format ideas and considerations:

  • A personal yet focused blog relating personal experiences as a way of discussing a topic as a whole. Suited for things like changing career, new phase of life, learning something new, etc. One great example is I Bought a Mac. I especially like this one because it looks like the type of random thought place a lot of people do, but is actually very well informed, reeearched, and presented. I might have written about all my specific problems or features had a hard time finding out about. She writes on these, but also enriches content by posts and how to’s that can be found other places.
  • A personal log that talks about self and things that interest me. The hard part here is putting togehter something that would interest others as well. The personal thoughts have to be interesting and humorous, you have to give background, etc. Focusing on 2-4 topics of interest seems to help bring continuity as well. One example that of this would be 5thirtyone
  • A private journal format. I can only see this being useful if it were on a single topic or theme. This would differ from the first option that it would be very perosnal in nature, like relationships, self improvement etc. I could only do this type annomously.
  • Multiple blogs. you see this a lot with professional bloggers. They’re trying to provide relevancy to different audiences. I’ve tried it on different topics. It’s good for, say, seperating out restaurant reviews and gourmet rants from a technology related site. I’d also want to use this format to seperate identities.

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February 25, 2007 at 20:24

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