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What a pain!

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I just spent the last half hour trying to write a post about why I haven’t been writing posts. I just locked this down to outside viewing, and that should make things easier. I need to figure out why I really want to blog.
I want to just jot down my thoughts so I can read and think about them later. This has been so helpful when I’ve done it, but

  • I’ve been so inconsistant at it. Journaling software is an option, but I’d really rather just put in a short topic specific entry whenever I feel like it. I don’t want to worry, however, about editing or what it might read like to others. These are my random notes so “piss-off”
  • I want to put together something that others would want to read. I’ve been struggling too much with this, however. For right now I’m going to stick with the original idea which was just to post. Once I actually have some content and some experience in how to write good posts and what I want to write about, I can make decisons on how to let people in. I can open up everything, export certain things to an blog(s) I write for others.

Written by oban89

February 25, 2007 at 2:28

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