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Iran – More Popular Than Sex

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This was originally titled Iran – Almost as Popular as Sex based on a tag cloud I had seen on wordpress.com. By the time I had opened the application to take a screen shot, Iran had moved up in ranking. Yes, more people are blogging about Iran than sex.
Iran Tags

While the above may be nothing more indicative that the fact that when people think of sex, they aren’t necessarily using their computer time to write about it. It did remind me of an interesting article I read a while back about the popularity of blogging as a way to share political and social opinions that are restricted in print and broadcast media. The government does restrict websites and content they find objectionable, occasionally censoring a blog they don’t like. The shear number and popularity of blogging, however, would make it political suicide to shut the channels down completely. No less than 7 of the 20 most visited websites from Iran are blog hosts according to Alexa (the number may be more, I just can’t read persian in order to tell for sure). Contrast this to 1 of the top 20 accessed from the United States. Combined with social networking and file sharing sites, they account for over half of the top 20 traffic, double that of the US.

It’s interesting to me that a country westerners often think of as closed and restrictive, seems to have adopted the internet as a way to connect people in such a strong way. Of course, it’s not all that surprising in a country whose median age is 25.


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February 28, 2007 at 5:04

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